The Overarching Conceptual Strategy

In creating The Hybrid Union, an author/director Serguei Kouchnerov wanted to tell a story using a cast of unique characters unlike anything that he’s previously produced in animation or fine art. An important part of the process was the freedom to experiment with new forms that could lead to the invention of an original narrative and a new visual style.

Experimental Animation Approach and Character Development

His central design goal was to create characters that would be very restricted in the way they could express themselves, so that the expectations and emotions of the audience would not be directly manipulated. By placing such limits on character design, he came up with a working method that compelled him to come up with alternative ways of handling character performance while still allowing room for clearly communicating the point of the narrative. Basically, Serguei had to create an entirely novel imaginary existence, with its own unique set of rules.

Character development for The Hybrid Union spanned a period of nearly 10 years. An author continually sought for just the right way to bring out the characters he visualized in his mind, but it proved challenging to put them down on paper. Over the years, he developed a distinct style of drawing with the pencil drawing technique that was difficult to change.Therefore, he decided to try a different medium of expression and switched to oil painting, using large brushes on expansive canvas surfaces to encourage a looser style. More importantly, he acknowledged the inspirations of master artists such as Paul Klee, Malevich, and Degas in his explorations. Serguei believe their influences are evident in his paintings, though the end results are uniquely his, exactly the way he has pre-visualized them. In a way, translation of the paintings into animated form resembles Malevich's black square.

The Story

The Hybrid Union provides a platform for relating a serial tale in which Plus and Minus journey from one comic situation to the next in their ongoing quest to discover new energy resources. Along the way, they will encounter other novel characters who may compete with them, teach them, and maybe even work with them to recognize and harness more sustainable sources and uses of energy. So, The Hybrid Union is essentially a metaphor for our circumstance. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, to the story. These characters are just trying to live their lives as best they can. The object lesson to each story vignette, indeed to the entire narrative track, is that the need for energy will always exist, as will the need to constantly adapt with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Closing Statement

Creation of original work by artists is the creation of new forms of positive energy that in turn inspire other artists to create even newer forms of energy, and those newer forms of energy return full-circle to further inspire the artist who began the circle of energy.




The Hybrid Union  Oil on canvas 2005 Original Painting

The Hybrid Union  Characters Plus & Minus 2009

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